Monday, June 20, 2011

Pet Store in Japan

Jon got some pet beetles the other day and we went to the pet store to buy some plastic cages with very secure lids for them. Right now they are larvae, but soon enough they will turn into flying rhino beetles who will need separate cages. At the store I saw that you could buy A BAG OF LEAVES for your pet rhino beetles for US$ 7.50.

At this same pet store you could buy this adorable puppy for US$ 3,491.50. You could also buy a Labrador puppy or a grey kitten for US$ 2,244.63 each.

There are dozens of pet strollers available in all sorts of sizes and colors.

Here is a fitting room. You can see racks and racks of dog clothing in the background. I would say dog clothing takes up about half of the pet store's entire floor space.

I'm afraid to visit a baby store.