Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Plan

Ok, this is how plans change.

January - May 2008 Go to school

Summer 2008 Work in Ireland at a kids camp

Fall, Winter, Spring 2008-2009 Go to School.

Summer 2009 two months volunteering in Africa or China, then one month working in Taiwan (This may be changed around with Summer 2010)

Fall 2009 Student teach.

Jan -May 2010 Go to School

Summer 2010 Who knows? Maybe work in Ireland again.

December 2010 Graduate with my Masters

January - September 2011 Lok for work and who knows what else?

2011 Have a real job and maybe buy a house.....who knows?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Make a Difference.

I think these are such good organizations, check them out.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Top 5 Issues

I've never been good at arguing with people. I like listening to discussions about politics and so forth from time to time, but I don't generally join in. I don't like explaining why I feel the way I do, or convincing other people that my opinion is better than theirs, even though it is. So here are my over-simplified issues that are important to me in the upcoming presidential election. And I have read up on all the information, and know the pros and cons of each issue, and that things aren't as easy as they look on paper, and that change takes time, and that no issue is black and white good and bad and it's not like I just want to live in some happy-go-lucky world where everyone eats peach cobbler and no one goes hungry. (Well, I do want to live in that world, but I know it isn't feasable. People would try and eat flan and malted milk shakes and other gross desserts) Anyhow, posted below are the issues that are important to me.

Foreign Policy/Relations - Help other countries more. Not with bullets, but with education, technology, and vaccines.

Social Security - This is such an easily solved problem. Make really rich people put more money into social security.

National Defense - Spend less money on defense and more money on issue number one.

Immigration - Pave pathways to legalize immigrants already living in the States and offer them more support in things like learning English, acclimation and so forth.

Gay Rights - I think Gays should have the right to marry.