Friday, March 06, 2009

No more veggies

So about a year ago, July of 2008, I decided to try vegetarianism. I had a number of reasons

-I watched "Meet your Meat."

-I realized that the rising cost of food (in developing countries) is due, in some part, to the fact that grains are getting fed to cattle, pigs, and so forth rather than being sold to people. (Rising costs are due in other part to ethanol. Ugh. That's another story.)

-A couple other minor reasons I won't bother to go into.

So, I decided to try and stop eating meat. That didn't work out SUPER well. So, I switched to flexitarianism. I ate meat rarely, like when someone made a nice meal for me, or when I was dying for some chicken broth (maybe once every other month or so).

The other night I was at a restaurant eating my Caesar Salad and mini-pineapple pizza when my pal ordered some buffalo wings. They smelled like heaven. I know for a fact that they tasted like heaven, because I remember fondly how good they taste, though I haven't had them for, hmmm, could it be since before I started paring down my meat consumption? Maybe it has been that long.

Anyhow, I realized that there are other ways I can make the world a better place, only eating free-range chickens, eating minimal meat (still eating the fake-veggie ground beef and garden burgers), donating to UNICEF, etc, etc, so I am going to put my vegetarianism/flexitarianism on the shelf indefinitely.

I don't imagine I will still eat that much meat, maybe once a week or so, but now I won't feel like I NEED to deprive myself when what I really want are some buffalo wings with hot sauce.