Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Few Thoughts On France

I don't feel that I am overreacting to a jilted short-term romance when I say that all French people alive today, and all the French people that have ever lived are lying bastards and should stay in their own elitest snobbish country.


M. Paul Bailey said...

Wow. I'm guessing there's a good story behind this last post. Do share.

Also, what does the word "jilted" mean? I know that I've used it before, but I use all kinds of words which I could never define in a million years.

Sara Allsop said... states:

One entry found for jilt.

Main Entry: 1jilt
Pronunciation: 'jilt
Function: transitive verb
: to drop (a lover) capriciously or unfeelingly
- jilt·er noun

Anonymous said...

i dont fall well with french people either take that you cheese eating surender monkeys

Brdfrd11 said...

I think I might have to agree. Jilted romances aside.