Saturday, February 21, 2009

Leisure Time Activities

So, a few weeks ago, I was feeling really down, and couldn’t figure out why. Was it the cold, cloudy weather? My stressful class schedule? Vitamin deficiency? Precariously low bank balance? Something else? I realized I was just bored. I was especially bored with my hobbies. Or, lack of hobbies, as it turns out. In college my friends and I had so much fun. We started a band together, disbanded it, and started a new one. We went rock climbing whenever it was warm. We trained horses. We went on three day weekend camping trips. We played pranks on friends, tried cooking new and interesting foods, climbed trees, went to concerts, got crazy jobs together (box folding factory anyone?), etc. etc. etc. I tried to think of the last time I had done something other than watch TV (Season one and two of 30 Rock) or go to the bars with my friends on the weekend to play pool and talk. I really enjoy those activities, but not as much as I have been doing them. I remembered the last time I had had a lot of fun doing something interesting and different. It was the week before school started when my roommate, Ryan, spearheaded, "International Karaoke Week." We spent all week singing our hearts out. Molly even made T-Shirts.

So, it would seem the solution to my discontent is a variety of new, interesting, (inexpensive) hobbies or even one time activities. I made up a list of things I want to do in the next few months. Some are more feasible when it gets warmer, some aren’t the most original, but I am excited to cross all of them off the list, and add lots to the list and THEN cross them off, and refrain from adding some to the list for legal reasons, and THEN cross them off…

-Feed the Ducks/Geese
-Walk Timber down by the River
-Explore what touristy activities River Falls and surrounding areas have to offer.
-Picnic down by the river
-Paint (acrylic and oil)
-Board games with friends (Maybe with a theme)
-Rent a Movie (prime example of an unoriginal idea, but one I haven’t done for a while)
-Cook an ambitious meal
-Horseback riding
-Factory Tours
-Make a friend who happens to own Rock Band and play it often. I call drums! (Trish and Michael, darn you for getting me addicted!)
-Read literature applicable to my field, but for my own enjoyment and learning
-Explore more of what the Twin Cities has to offer

So far, I have participated in two fun, atypical activities. Jon and I went rock climbing, which was fun, although my wrists, fingers, and side muscles were sore for five days. We also went target shooting. I have gone target shooting maybe eight times in my life, but I always want to go more because I think I'm pretty good at it. And it IS fun when it isn’t eleven degrees outside. (Turns out there’s a gun club in River Falls. Shall I join? Who can tell the future?)

Future activities include a wine appreciation class and a Spring Break trip to Puerto Rico. I don’t like wine, I never have. However, I never liked salads until I was 25 years old. Now I love them. I’m hoping the same thing happens with wine. Also, I’ve never gone anywhere for Spring Break. My first University didn’t have one, and last March I had 50 hours of observation to finish for one of my classes, so all spring break I was at high school.

Feel free to send me any suggestions for fun, inexpensive, leisure time activities.


Tricia and Michael said...

is san antonio on the way to puerto rico? even if rockband is what gets you here we'd love to have you! :) however, i have no other suggestions for inexpensive hobbies. maybe i'm more high maintenance than i thought (in that my hobbies aren't cheap). I was a bit more creative when I had girl roommates (or maybe they were the creative ones).

Trish said...

This is probably not a possibility for you, but one thing that I did this last weekend (that was free and I took both my kids) was go to a dog sled race. They had all sorts of random things that we all just really enjoyed. They had little kids go with their own dogs (not sled dogs) and it was hilarious. I hope to get Kara to do it next year (the age limit was 3), but its Wisconsin, so maybe this would be something that would come around your area? Just something to maybe look into any way. It was fun.