Sunday, October 09, 2005

Camping like you've never heard it before.

A real quote from “Rising Gangwon,” a guide book about the province of Korea that I live in. This particular segment describes the "Valley and Natural Rest-Forest," and is trying to get more foreigners to go camping.

“Where shall we go on holidays? Imagine immersing our feet in a fresh and cool brook in the valley and leisurely enjoying the cicada’s echoing choir, lazily kicking off the weariness of our lives. Or, fancy taking an undisturbed rest in a tent in the deep green of the forest, in the bosom of Mother Nature…Why not descend into a deep mountain valley, full of quiet and solitude, to satisfy our souls this summer. The thrashing of the water in the brook transforms the world into a sudden childhood scene. How magical! When daylight concedes to twilight, space once crowded in the day becomes the fairy land of twinkling fireflies. The shining galaxy glitters above and the chirping insects all around initiate us into the intimacy of the summer night.”

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Jeff B said...

Oh...That is so lovely. I'm deeply touched. Deep within the Bosom of my heart. Why not?

I think it's funny that it makes sense, but no english speaking native would ever talk like that.