Thursday, October 06, 2005

How to insult internationally.

Two effective ways to insult a Korean Person.

-"You have lovely dark skin."

(This is the equivelant of telling an American "Your skin is covered in zits and acne.)

-"You look like you might have had some Japanese anscestors."
(Many Koreans don't like Japanese people. Read the following blog to find out why.)


M. Paul Bailey said...

Another effective way to insult a Korean person is to drive a combine through the middle of their home.

I guess that's not really an insult, but they'd probably still feel sad.

On second (third) thought, this would work for non-Koreans as well, I imagine.

Jeff B said...

I think you should pick out the most vulnerable looking old woman there, and call her "fat". Now that's payback!