Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Electronic Dictionaries

Merriam - Webster needs to come to Korea and straighten out the electronic dictionary system. The following are three true-life examples of the translations that students have come up with. No wonder they have such a hard time learning English if these are the translations their dictionaries are giving them.

Teacher: What did you do today?
Student: I go to school, I go to the home, I...(frantic typing into their dictionary)..."negative interaction with Mother."

Teacher: What will you do this weekend?
Student: I will study.
Teacher: Will you go out with friends?
Student: No, I'm afraid it would be...(typing)..."The Royal Seal."

Teacher: You and your friend fought?
Student: Yes, I am, no, I WAS angry, but then I sad. She feel...(typing)..."the liability of the accused."

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Those things are crutches. Haksangs spoke better before them....