Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Poetry in Translation."

I was searching for something do one class period and so, on a whim, I had a class of mine translate a poem for me. It was the hallmark variety and was on a card I had gotten. Their translation had a sweet ring to it and I had another, more advanced class do the same thing. I liked the result.
I am thinking I should make a book (documenting the sources and paying the authors and translators, of course) composed of the origional Korean poem and two translations of it, a low lever English one and a higher lever English one...it is far more interesting than those "Chicken Soup" books that sold by the billions.

Here is an example...

(The younger student's translation)

Where do you go from me?
Closed eyes and mine question
My truth and windy
Where do you and I go?

(The older student's translation)

Sometimes I do it.
I don't know where I go to.
Then close your eyes and question your heart.
In heart, truth and hope.
The hope in your heart will take you somewhere.

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Trent said...

That's a great idea for a book, Sara! You should go for it.