Friday, August 07, 2009

Taiwan Typhoons

This weekend was supposed to be Taroko Gorge weekend.

However, because of this-

-our plans were canceled. We went to the store with every other citizen of Taipei to fight over bottled water and ramen noodles. We planned to stay inside and have a Typhoon party. Cases of beer were purchased. ..and then carried the twenty minute walk home. We waited for the Typhoon.

We fell asleep to an gentle rain and awoke the next morning prepared to wait out this storm. We went for a walk to relieve the boredom. When the typhoon got here, probably after lunch, it sure would be rough, and we wouldn't be able to go outside, so we better go for a walk now to prepare for being stuck inside for two days. The rain continued to splatter down....we went for another walk and planned to go to a pizza buffet for dinner.

We cursed the light-but constant-drizzle that was a Taiwan Typhoon. I went out for a moment to get a photo of the lame rain. At that moment a gale force wend swept up. It destroyed my umbrella and then went back into hiding.

Never mock the Typhoon!


Sara Allsop said...

I was noting how I didn't do a very good job of making the photos the same size on this post. However, my pal, Liv pointed out that the photo of the Typhoon is entirely appropriate for the its strength.

Tricia and Michael said...

weather ruins everything.

The Wifers said...

crazy, man.