Sunday, August 16, 2009


This past week has been really enlightening in terms of my future. During a long train ride, we played the elementary school game of MASH and I learned that my future holds the following.

-I will marry Jon.
-I will be a teacher.
-I will die at 80 years old.
-I will live in Japan.
-My mode of transportation will be a buggy.
-My pet will be a stegosaurus.

A few days ago we went to a Taiwanese fortune teller. We told her our year, date, and time of birth. Then we had to change our time so that it matched the time in Taiwan. I found out that in my previous lives I was:

-A man who was a “playboy,”
-A businessman,
-A servant for the Emperor, and
-Some sort of half-god half-demon spirit.

My personality is that I am stubborn, I love to waste money, but it is easy for me to make more money, I have a good relationship with others, I am polite, I am the boss of my family, and if someone begs me for help, I will help him/her; however, if someone demands my help, I will NOT help him/her.

Also, in terms of Jon, I should,

-do good for him and
-satisfy him.

It turns out that in a past life I cheated on my girlfriends a lot (because I was a playboy), so now I am trying to make up for that by being mean as little as possible.

I prefer MASH, I think.

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