Monday, October 23, 2006


You know what is a big fat lie? This idea floating around that roosters crow in the morning. Let me tell you the truth. They crow all the time. Five in the morning, ten in the morning, four in the afternoon, midnight. And if there happpens to be two, they take turns so they don´t get tired and have to stop making noise for a few minutes.

It´s true.

I´ve seen them.

The truth will set you free.

No, wait, I mean the truth will wake you up at four a.m. and inturrupt your nap at 3 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Now, I have it under good authority that you are usually a good speller. Having lived with you for several years, as well as being now related to you, I've seen proof that you can spell well. There's also the related evidence pointing to the fact that you're an English major.
Point being ... I'm shocked at your spelling of the word "lier". I blame your living in foreign countries for the last year.

Sara Allsop said...

At least I don´t teach English, right? Oh wait...crap.

In my defense, if you will go to, (the website for the largest dictionary company in the United States, Merriam Webster) you will find the folllowing phrase

- li·er /'lI(-&)r/ noun

which shows that ¨lier¨is an actual word.